Nickola Tesla's Many Engineering Skills

Nickola Tesla was interdisciplinary in terms of his skills. His creation of the Radar and leading to the discovery of the X-Ray leads me to believe that he has skills in Nuclear Medicine. His discovery of such technologies allows fields in medicine such as Radiology to exist today. Cryogenic Engineering and Hydroelectric plants were also inventions of Tesla. This shows a vast knowledge in environmental engineering and the ability to figure out plans to create sustainable energy. Him also being able to figure out that Resonance frequencies exist in the Earth was one of the biggest discoveries in Geophysics, he is barely accredited for. Tesla also knows eight languages and discovered Neon Lighting.

His contributions overall show an array of knowledge in Electrochemistry, Physics, Bioengineering, Geography, Astrophysics, Nuclear Medicine, Environmental Engineering, etc. He is by far one of the very few in history to be able to demonstrate polymath-like knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Other people to have the sort of giftedness of Tesla include people such as Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin. Nickola Tesla was a self-starter and sort of a self-learner. He loved to spend time in the lab and think of some of the world’s biggest problems. His contributions are what inspired me, as well as many greater people in the field such as Elon Musk.

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