How a CEO Treated her Acne

Eliminate the celebrity endorsement and the brightpackaging, and all that’s left is practically the same products being marketedto millions around the world.

When it comes to acne, 60 million Americans struggle withthis long-term disease, and many will have permanent scars, discoloration andskin texture issues even after it dissipates.


“While one breakout was clearing-up, another outbreak was already on its way,”says Jennifer Tilney who struggled with acne for over a decade.

“I didn’t get bad acne until after I had my first child when I was in my mid20's,” she said. “I tried absolutely everything. Every soap, toner, scrub, mask and potion the stores had to offer.”

Jennifer admits that she did find a temporary fix. “Tons of coverup - that was my solution.”

Frustrated, she decided to research the ingredients in her skincare products.

To her surprise, many of the products she was using were making her skin worse.

Unfortunately, many beauty products have ingredients such as fillers, dyes andoils that can create or exacerbate skin issues.


“The more I learned about ingredient combinations and strategies, the clearermy skin got.”

Motivated by her knowledge and clear complexion, Jennifer decided to create herown line of serums and peels that were non-comedogenic (formulated not to clogpores) and full of potent ingredients that would create tangible results forpeople struggling just like her.


“I am not a genius, but I am a problem solver!” she laughs.

“Clear skin is something I am passionate about. I have devoted the past 14years of my life to creating the very best products to help clear acne and healacne scars.”


Today, Jennifer is the CEO of Platinum Skin Care, and she is passionate abouthelping others achieve a clear, healthy complexion with her product line.

Headquartered in Clinton Township, Jennifer and her team help people who arestruggling with skin issues both online and in their store with unique productsand strategies.

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