Don't Give up on Innovating

The ability to create social impact and turn the world we were born in a slightly better place is something that should push every entrepreneur. An entrepreneur needs nothing to stop him from fulfilling the desire to want to innovate for the better. I myself know what it is like to be a struggling “entrepreneur”, and in a way, I still am.

The desire to always want to learn, needs to be filled with the desire to never want to give up. I at many weeks, have to work 125 hours a week and always need to set up a “backup” plan in the case of something going wrong. Sometimes I also struggle because of lack of transparency or communication in business partnerships or people’s “greed”. Whatever happens, I have to work hard to let a problem pass by.

Complaining will not do anything. A long portion of me trying to form a business is me having to end up: single, cheated, kicked out of a room, rejected, etc. and not let it hurt me. Rejection whether in the personal or corporate world needs to be a key motivator for every entrepreneur; a motivator to “prove them wrong” and not give up.


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