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I wanted to be writing this quick update on my personal Kinja blog for the progress that has been going on with CrowdCoin, our proposed ERC20 integration with Crowdtoken and what will be happening for the community.



Users who invest in cryptocurrency often have little visibility of where the value of their investment went. There are no mathematical standards for cryptocurrencies to evaluate value at this time, resulting in a lack of stabilization within the market. Currently, faster miners must limit themselves while mining some currencies to allow the market’s hash rate to keep up, which dramatically increases spend or withdrawal time. This is why we’ve created CrowdCoin. CrowdCoin’s mission is to stabilize the cryptocurrency market with its new hash of proof algorithms. Much like Bytecoin, CrowdCoin can create more blocks and mine much faster, and it is capable of being mined similar to the processes of verifying Satoshis or Ether’s Finneys. Also, it can be mined by ASIC, Non-ASIC or cryptonote compliant hardware. Because of this new standard, all cryptocurrencies will be more spendable and have faster transaction time after the cryptocurrency market embraces CrowdCoin.


Thank you so far to those who believed in my vision, funds are still in Escrow which we will continue to use, CC will be huge!

— Andrew Kamal (@gamer456148) October 4, 2017

Right now the ICO is live on IcoBazaar and also posted on FoundICO. It is raising money through an Escrow like service and we have plans to potentially post it on ICOVend as well to make it easier for those having technical difficulties investing to be an early backer for the ICO.

Crowdtoken Announcement

Source: Website

We are working on utilizing one instance of CrowdCoin’s technology to make an Ethereum based ERC-20 token that is:

Private and secure

  1. Integrating multi-path layer encryption once wallet application is live
  2. Planning on doing a private transfers and user supply integration sort of like ZCash’s core technology
  3. Will be part of a secured API pipeline and we will have hardware and paper wallet integrations at some point


  1. Will utilize an instance of the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm and an API pipeline that utilizes the ERC-20 standard
  2. Our aim is to create one of the few mineable Ether assets out there

Read more at our Cryptocurrency Talk announcement, we also have plans for doing a token distribution for this.


Developer Update

Version 1
Version 2

We were going to build a basic wallet for Crowd Token connected to the CrowdCoin platform using Vue. We were aiming for a flat UI layout but decided the CSS customization you can do to Vue are fairly more limited. The plan now is to have a universal UNOMP wallet instead that can be downloaded as a binary and create a light web variation of a wallet if needed. This will be a much simpler improvement over using the Vue wallets we made before.


Node Configuration:

The setups for the fist nodes as well as peer IDs have been created in some demo tests, but we still need to make sure everything is stable for the blockchain. An API pipeline is being built.


Wave Platform Integration

CrowdWave verification
Original Issue Notice

We want to created a custom Wave token that will connect to our API pipeline to prove our hash middleware & block eruption software works on a variation of the Waves DEX exchange for faster trades.


Potential Dash Integration

P2P is being utilized for a Dash Master Mode. The MQT team plans to setup a pool that utilizes our algorithm for crypto-mining as one of the first public demos. We are strongly considering using a Dash master node as our sample that utilizes our algorithm of may do our own. Updates will be on git or on our Steemit. A goverance proposal or pre-proposal may come soon as well.



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